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adj. awkward, phrase used to describe a particularly awkward situation.
-We were making out in the kitchen and then his mom and little sister walked in on us.
-Oh, man, awkies...
by misstrionics June 08, 2005
A shorter version of the word AWKWARD. may also be used as code for your friends around u when talkin aloud next to a awkward person. ( AWWWWWWKEEEEEEEY!)
god that was a fucking awky silence. he is awky, she is awky.
by yourawky October 02, 2006
Colloquial; meaning awkward; commonly used by adolescents in weird or tense situations.
Dude 1: How great was my party the other night?!
Dude 2: Um, i wasn't invited..
Dude 1: AWKIES.. *walks away*
by coinlaundry September 12, 2010
Another expression for Awkward. The word itself is awkward giving light to the situation and somewhat paying out yourself
BOY: Hello

GIRL: I'm good thanks

GIRL: Awkies
by Rachie Cakes January 20, 2011
Awkies - To outline that an awkward moment is taking place and can also be used as a quick escape

Peter - How funny was that thing Dylan said
Robin - Not at all
*Dylan Hears*
Robin & Peter - Awkies
by BLANK! February 09, 2011
Abbreviated version of the work Awkward, yet infinitely more powerful. the work awky should be accompanied by a facial expression that is somewhere between a a constipated wince and the fart you accidently let out while laughing too hard. This is also further pronounced when accompanied by the sign language action for "awky" which is each hand formed into a pointed index finger directed in a downwards shaky movement.
1."Dude, I just bumped into my old catholic studies teacher at the store while i was totally stoned and buying birth control and lube....awky!"

2. "Oh my god, when I went to hug Uncle Dennis goodbye, i totally felt him packing heat....awky!"
by kleery November 28, 2009
Something really awkward that any other response would make the situation worse. A cooler and better version of awk.
"That's not even my baby dude!"

by Sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh February 23, 2012
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