An amazing town where the three coolest people, EVER, live. Time is spent awkwardly dancing, having roll calls to know who's who, and strangely marching through the streets all day, trying to get people to join the ranks of awesometown residents led by, as was mentioned, the three coolest people ever: ANDY!........and Jorma and Akiva!!

Just, don't mess with Jorma...he's the sensitive one.
Andy, Jorma, and Akiva sing, "Come along with us! *Clap clap* Come along to awesometown! Come along with us! *Clap clap* And wipe away your frown!"
They are inviting you to join them, the founders of awesometown, in awesometown! As they said, you will wipe your frown away, therefore you will always be smiling and happy!
by Kevbot-Tbag April 27, 2013
Top Definition
Awesome describes the sheer beyond greatness of something on a small scale. Awesometown is awesome on a scale so large an entire town could become enveloped by it.
That burrito was awesometown!

Jesse said the concert was sik awesometown, and we missed it!
by Joe Schmitt IV May 20, 2007
Hell. Also, a city where everyone is really fake and they hide all the flaws behind perfect suburban homes.
Valencia, California is awesometown.
by angrycalifornian September 29, 2010
the place where awesome people come from
Hey did you hear bareny stinson comes from awesome town
by the guy in da corner April 07, 2010
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