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portmanteau of "awesome" and "amazing." used to describe things that are just too incredible for only one word.
That movie was awemazing.
by Geoff G August 31, 2007
-A word to describe a situation of epic proportions.
-A mind-blowing mix of awesome and amazing
Girl: Did you just...?
Guy: Yeah but don't worry I have reserves.
Girl: Awemazing!
by kevforthewin March 26, 2009
a mix of the words "awesome" and "amazing"

you gotta be born with it
friend #1: I'm awesome.
friend #2: I'm amazing.
friend #1: dude... we're awemazing
by i took a **** where i sleep November 22, 2007
The top level of coolness/swaggness. Only few people are at this G status. Usually people who are godlike.
Jimmy and Yousra.
Yousra is awemazing and Jimmy loves her.
Person1:woah! did you see that awemazing person that just walked in.

Person2:i think it was god.
Person3: no it wasnt, it was just Jimmy.
by Jimski Brohey August 17, 2010
A combination of the words awesome and amazing, when something transcends both awesome and amazing.
Late night Taco Bell is awemazing.

The fireworks show at Disney World is awemazing.

Mikes first date with Sue went awemazing.
by Turam September 06, 2010
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