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Arabic name meaning "ease" or "relief'.
An insanely awesome person who has the best friends. Everyone loves her because she is honest and is way cooler than anyone they have seen before. Everyone wishes they could be a Yousra, but they can't. Unless its their name. She is also very smart and intelligent and you can't fool her. After reading this you should go buy your favorite Yousra a car of their choice. Because Yousras also love cars.
Yasmeen: "Man, I Wish I Could Be So Yousra!"
by yoyoyo95 July 18, 2010
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The coolest freak you will ever meet. She is very odd and different you will always have a good time when you are with her. She likes to eat a lot and is quite lazy. Such a funny kid and will make you smile :) That pretty much sums up Yousra
You are such a freak that your name should be Yousra :)
by BTRTHNU:) December 11, 2010
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