A horrible singer who a bunch of hot topic mallcore kids call a poseur because of the way she dressed
Hot Topic Kid: Avril is such a fucking poseur, just look at how she dresses, Simple Plan all the way
Me: How can you nag on the way she dresses, have you looked in the mirror lately?
by Adreamunchased October 22, 2004
The breakdown of todays society,well besides george bush. Also see poser wannabe bitch
Avril lavinges songs are brainwashing the youth of this generation,I would rather have a jagged drill bit spinning full speed shoved up my ass then listen to 1 avril lavinge song.
by Flock Fan May 02, 2005
A crapped up person. i feel sorry for her. she's been 'remade' by her producers. she doesn't want to be punk, but her producers made this image for her, so she'd get more famous. and she's led to believe she really likes this music. bottom line: I HATE HER
nobody's home was written by ben moody from evanescence which makes the song sort of decent
by Ville Valo April 24, 2005
a POSEUR! she claims to be "punk" but uh..sorry sweetie..have you listened to your own music??!? and people that arent really into punk but are into the mainstream stuff think theyr punk just cuz they like her and think that all "punks" like her..i wouldnt care if she KNEW that she was a POP STAR..but she cant even fuckin spell BOY you LOSER! and made "sk8er" popular but doesnt mean its cool buy anyways..
"Hi my name is avril lavigne and im a stupid ass canadian poseur who cant spell and used to wear ties but doesnt anymore because people copied me or so i thought becuase i actually copied them but the stupid little poseur teens dont know that and they think theyr cool just because they wear ties and have my stupid t shirts and my stupid cd's n crap"
by me March 11, 2005
A poser that is a metroid prime faggot that likes being a eff ehh gee
Look at Avril be a poser
by ninja4 February 16, 2005
She is a poseur not a "poser" commonly called by one who can't spell. Plus, it's not LAVINGE it is LAVIGNE and that's for all you other people that can't spell.
Stupid person: avril lavinge is such a poser
Smart person: it's avril lavigne, and she is a poseur. Get it right, dipshit
by anonymous July 25, 2004
ignore her music and image.... her lyrics are true from the heart if you actually listen to them..
"i don't wanna fall to pieces, i just wanna sit and stare at you...."
by Cloudy March 01, 2005
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