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3 definitions by Adreamunchased


In other words, it's basically someone who doesn't give them a specific label to go along with the music they listen to.

They listen to whatever the fuck they want, regardless of what people say about them, usually referred to as a poseur because they like all types of music
Me and most of my friends refer to eachother as SWEMT's
by Adreamunchased October 22, 2004
2 2
an overly used word by really dumb kids, it started as a typo of the word "the" but since their fingers were too damn fat they mispelled it and decided to make it into a word
Dee: What teh fuck?
Diana: Don't you mean the
Dee: NO! Teh, it's a new word
Diana: Wow, your dumbass is so stupid for even using it

scenester's use teh
by Adreamunchased December 14, 2004
19 24
A horrible singer who a bunch of hot topic mallcore kids call a poseur because of the way she dressed
Hot Topic Kid: Avril is such a fucking poseur, just look at how she dresses, Simple Plan all the way
Me: How can you nag on the way she dresses, have you looked in the mirror lately?
by Adreamunchased October 22, 2004
27 44