Ruined everything!!!!!!!!!!!
Avril Lavigne, the loser moron cick rocker that she is has people asking me when I tell them i like punk music, "Oh that Avril Lavigne stuff?" No No no no no no no aggghhhhhagghhhahahahahahahahaha i hope she dies of death and goes straight to hell
-hnfzjkbdvnmxv czdvcvmdzfnsx

i hate that bitch!!!!!!!!!!
by tintle September 23, 2004
Someone who looks even scarier withought make up on.
Person that sees Avril without make up: Woah! Oh my god! What the hell is that!? CRACK KILLS! CRACK KILLS!
by Highly Evolved June 18, 2005
Self-taught guitar goddess. Yes, she taught herself both of those chords.
"I heard Avril taught herself how to play guitar," said Punky. "Aye, she did," replied Ahab. "She taught herself both of those chords."
by nirvanarama May 30, 2005
Unbelievably fake Canadian wannabe Rock singer, who claims to play the guitar, when infact, she can only play the chorus to her "song" (more like a cat being strangled if you ask me) 'Complicated'. Likes to pretend she loves Marilyn Manson and writes her own songs and only has Tammy-loving teeny-bopper fans. Hated by lovers of rock music and all its surrounding genres.
"i just saw some girl on tv singing badly and watching too much eyeliner"
"did she have long straight hair?"
"yeah she did"
"oh, that was Avril Lavigne then"
"listening to her made me want to kill myself"
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
Avril Lavigne is one of the world's BEST musicians ever. Her music rox and she can play the guitar very well. She is not a poser.
Avril Lavigne rox my sox!!
by guitarist92 May 02, 2005
She has bad songs and stuff. She would be a much better porn star. She has some cock-teasing pics on the net but that is it.
Dude, Avril should so do a porn site or do playboy or something. I'd pay for that!
by porn! April 08, 2005
A singer who is called a "poser" by kids in middle school who want to look like they know what they're doing. They can often be heard saying, "Avril Lavinge is such a POSER dude! Good Charlotte is sooo much more HARDCORE!"

Truthfully, even though I'm not an Avril fan, I think it's just totally dumbass of those kids because they probably couldn't do much better.
Avril Lavinge is a poser, and I'm saying that because I'm an insecure 12-year-old who wants to feel good about myself.

I don't like Avril Lavinge all too much but I'm sure she's an okay person.
by orangemilano September 05, 2004
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