The spelling is "Lavigne", but whatever. This girl's music is the kind that makes me long for the days of Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten.
ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL: I love Avril, so I must be punk.

SENSIBLE PERSON: No, child, you are not punk for liking Avril.
by Lady Pain February 22, 2005
Avril lavigne, a singer from canada who has an AMAZING voice, and plays the guitar, piano and the drums, not punk, she never claimed to be.
Loser: Avril u suck

Av: Well then get lost......
by skd August 04, 2005
music artist, wears Hot Topic clothing/thrift stores, sings punk-pop just like Good Charolette & New Found Glory, spells Skater & Boy wrong.
Avril Lavinge sings.
by animal luva July 29, 2003
A horrible singer. She thinks she's a hardass, but she's a cunt. No, you're not a rocker, you're a chach! She ruined the great Metallica's Fuel. People think she's hot too, but she isn't. And she has bad BO.
Avril sucks and blows. She is not a rocker.
by Spartans! December 06, 2004
a poor man's Alanis Morrisette
Her voice sounds like alanis with tuberculosis.
by Ashley snell April 03, 2005
The queen of all posers.
She is truely a hardcore poser.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
A candadian pop singer who pretends to be "punk" or "rock" because her record company want to sell more albums.
Poses with guitars that she can't play in videos and posters and dresses "punk" as instructed by her record company.
Likes to pretend to be tough by making up stories about herself and also likes to claim to "punk" or "rock" as well as comparing herself to punk rockers.
Inspired a bunch of teenies to wear ties and pretend to be "punk" or "rock" whilst knowing nothing about music.
Is usually disliked by anybody who is into "real" punk or rock music.
In short: a fake "rocker" designed by a record company to sell albums and an image to teenys.
Avril: "I'm a skater punk who writes guitar driven rock"
Avril: "I'm as punk as they come!"
Avril: "I'm like a Sid Vicious for a whole new generation."
Avril: "This girl was in my face in a bar so I got her on the floor and because I was the one of top they threw me out."
Teeny: "avril is rawk music u dnt no anythn!!1"
by Heather March 13, 2005
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