An insult used among those who have true taste in music. Basically means "poseur".
Don't be such an Avril Lavigne!
by Lady Alzers February 10, 2011
Let Go- Fantastic album.
Songs: Losing Grip, Complicated, Sk8r Boi, I'm With You, Mobile, Unwanted, Tomorrow

Under My Skin: Kickass
Songs: Take Me Away, Together, Don't Tell Me, He Wasn't, How Does It Feel, My Happy Ending, Nobody's Home, Forgotten, Who Knows, Fall To Pieces, Freak Out, Slipped Away

The Best Damn Thing: Girly but kickass
Songs: I Can Do Better, Runaway, The Best Damn Thing, When You're Gone, Everything Back But You, Innocence, I Don't Have To Try, One Of Those Girls, Contagious, Keep Holding On

Goodbye Lullaby: SUCK
Avril Lavigne was Punk/rock girl who voluntarily put a cockroach on her tongue for $100. She liked rock, and if people thought it improper for a girl to act like a guy, then screw them. She didn't want to be another fake bitch who had a different "boyfriend" every week because it attracted attention to themselves.

Avril Lavigne is the 27 year old Taylor Swift. She thinks "what the hell, I'm gonna be badass!" and in the process of this badassness every song on her album is soft, sugary pop. She thinks she can go from the legend she was to another bubblegum popstar and expect everyone to be ok with it. She's totally lost her edge.
by Buffy fan April 01, 2011
An excellent singer and song writer who is dating that guy from Sum 41 (so hot). She is real punk because she wears ripped clothing and says so. Greatest music ever.
Avril Lavigne is awsome and so is Canada.
by ilovecanada January 02, 2006
Avril is NOT a poser! How can she be a poser when she is writng her own songs and wearing the clothes she likes? She is very inspirational to a lot of people because she came from a small town in canada and is now famous all over the world. All of her fans aren't 10 yr old girls because i know a lot of 15 yr olds who like her music. She never said she was punk and just because she doesnt know who the sex pistols are doesn't mean she's a poser. She has tried hard to keep her image real to herself and fights for what she thinks is right. She is just a normal 20 yr old and doesnt need sad people saying things about her. Not that she gives a f*ck. Also she is engaged to sum 41 singer deryk whibley.
avril lavigne is true to herself
by sandi 2005 September 08, 2005
A generally sleazy, stupid, and untalented little girl who aspires to be a singer, actress, clothing, and perfume designer and fails miserably in all four of the aforementioned categories. She does not write her own songs and has been in lawsuits for stealing lyrics. She sucks at acting. Her clothes are something that tween girls going through an identity crisis would wear, and her perfume smells absolutely vile. Overall, she has no talents to speak of and all she does is make herself look ridiculous by trying to do stuff she obviously sucks at.
Avril Lavigne should call her new perfume "essence of untalented whore".
by Areyouforreal? December 15, 2010
She's the best singer in the world NOT a poser and NOT punk! she's HERSELF and thats what rock about her! She comes from Napanee, Ontario Canada (CANADA ROCKS!) She fights for what she wants and noone eever going to make her do something she does nbot want to . She's an inspiration to alot of girls and shes a great rolmodle.Shes gonne triple platnum for both of her CD's and is currently on her "Bonez" international Tour! GO AVRIL GO!
Me: OMG Guess What!!!
Me:Im gonna see avril in sepember!!!!!!!!
friend:OMG NOW WAY!

ps:To all who ppl who says shes a poser ;shes not the poser you guys are how the hell could she be a poser if shes being herself?
by jessica August 08, 2005
A famous singer who is just... herself. Her music is actually pretty good compared to her peers. She really IS the best damn thing.

Avril Lavigne: Hell yeah I'm the motherfucking princess!
by avrilscool October 19, 2008
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