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from "avalanche" and "lunch"; a huge amount of people and orders that come to restaurants, bars etc. everyday during the lunch break, especially downtown where various institutions and offices are situated;
Harry: I'm off earlier today?
Jim: How earlier?
Harry: Earlier enough to avoid the avalunch. Haha!
Jim: Oh, come one, man! You can't leave me with these hordes of office-zombies swarming the place!
Harry: Chill out! Mike is coming to back you up!
by KurtSteinerPL July 03, 2012
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The cascade of food items that tumbles on the floor when you open an over-stuffed refrigerator or pantry.
Chris yelled, "don't open the frig. I stuffed two cases of beer and all the party supplies in there and you'll be risking an avalunch."
by Dr. Mellow September 19, 2009
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