Someone who is sexually attracted to or has sex with automobiles.
Flex: Ey yo my dude! You don't understand how much I love my car bro!

Buk: Nah son, I think I do. Your girl be trippin my dude.

Flex: Fuck that. My car always does what I want it to do, never talks back to me or question me. I choose my car over that bitch. I'm turning auto!

Buk: Ah fuck. You autosexual ass dude.

Flex: Hell yea bro! I'm coming out the closet, I'm sexually attracted to cars! DAAAMN!!! Look at that LAMBO!!! I,d hit that!

Buk: Fucking automofag...
by Cholo Domexicano April 26, 2014
Someone who is attracted to only them self
Oh man, im so attracted to my self! im such an autosexual. i wanna fuck my self tonight
by Yazuken January 10, 2004
Someone who obsesses about cars so much, it borders on sexual attraction.

Anyone that gets off on racing enough to say "I raped him" when he wins.
"Man, did you see that new Ferrari? It looks good enough to fuck! I can't even imagine what I would do to it if I had it."
by Pofigist December 13, 2004
An individual who is sexually attracted to themselves.
Timothy is an autosexual. He'll be going out with himself tonight.
by @FellatioHornblower July 26, 2016
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