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Someone who is physically and emotionally attracted to themselves. They may get turned when they look at the mirror, fantasize about their looks and their naked bodies, have thoughts about having a doppelgänger/clone of themselves to have sex with it and even think about marrying themselves (this has actually happened in Taiwan: A woman married herself!).

Although similar, this term should not be confused with metrosexual and homosexual. Metrosexuals dress to impress other people, to get compliments for their ego. While they may feel that they look good, they'll still feel NO SEXUAL ATTRACTION towards themselves. Homosexuals also may think they look good, but they'll not be attracted to themselves.

Autosexuals are less vain, narcissistic and uppity than metrosexuals, on the contrary. Autosexuals find themselves attractive not because they think they're the hottest thing in the world but because they are merely attracted to themselves and in their insides (self love). Unlike metrosexuals, autosexuals don't dress to impress, they don't try to look glamorous in front other people to fish for compliments. Why would they, because they only need THEMSELVES and not others.

Autosexuality is more common in men than in women. Women tend to be codependent, usually wanting someone to complete them. Men are usually not like that.

Not to mention, autosexuality does NOT mean someone who is attracted to cars!
- Are you an autosexual? Isn't that narcissism at its best?

- I'm an autosexual. I'm in love with myself to the point where I would date it and sleep with it. But I never try to flaunt my body and show off. Us autosexuals are not narcissistic. The love is between me & me, not between me and the crowd. Isn't it arrogance and unfairness to think that your partner is the most "hottest thing on the planet"?

- *Shuts up*
by dykefest October 24, 2011

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