people that live in Australia.
people with the best accents ever.
G'day mate. I'm speaking Australian.
#faboo #gday #rollercoaster! #ur mom #cats
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
The race with the coolest accent ever
Australian people really like boomerangs.
#australia #kangaroo #koala #kangaroo jack #boomerang
by Mister Mistor July 05, 2011
Australian- A person who is born / a citizen of Australia.
Australians are really, the indigenous!
Most Australian think calling people "wogs" & "chinks" are normal & not offensive...

A bit sad because I love this country!

Ie: my mother is white, father is Asian.

When people ask what my "natio" is & I say Aussie.... MAJORITY of people will look at me & ask again.... So I say; you mean what's my parents background?! I am AUstralian! FOR FUCKS SAKE IVE never even been to another country!!!
Australian- (White) people: I'm an Aussie!!Australian

Me: are you?? You mean you're a POM!
Coz the Aussies, real Australian are the kooris
by Istambay December 23, 2015
People that often arrive in the northern hemisphere upside down, possessing a bizarre yet understandable accent.
Australians: Ay bloke, cain we heav a bir.

Bartender: Sure! *hands the Australians a beer.*

Guy at end of bar: Are they... upside down?

The other Guy: Don't worry! Their Australians.
#upside down #aussie #australian #accent #penal colony
by NS421 February 23, 2011
An unarmed American with healthcare.
Being Australian isn't much different from being Canadian.
#australia #aussie #oz #unarmed #down under
by Bigposer January 19, 2010
Someone, who for the good of the rest of the world, should not be allowed to play cricket.
Just watch the Australian team play...
#australia #england #cricket #commonwealth #impossibility
by pigsmightfly May 28, 2009
Most laid back race
Pissed all the time (hooray)
Real Australian men shoot kangaroos and rabbits
Almost every Australian city was in the top 20 most livable cities in the world (sorry Darwin)
Australian: "Grab a six pack of six pack of VB and lets go shoot some fucking roos"
#aus #australia #aussie #vb #victorian bitter
by trueblueaussie November 17, 2009
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