people that live in Australia.
people with the best accents ever.
G'day mate. I'm speaking Australian.
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
The race with the coolest accent ever
Australian people really like boomerangs.
by Mister Mistor July 05, 2011
People that often arrive in the northern hemisphere upside down, possessing a bizarre yet understandable accent.
Australians: Ay bloke, cain we heav a bir.

Bartender: Sure! *hands the Australians a beer.*

Guy at end of bar: Are they... upside down?

The other Guy: Don't worry! Their Australians.
by NS421 February 23, 2011
An unarmed American with healthcare.
Being Australian isn't much different from being Canadian.
by Bigposer January 19, 2010
The word Australian is an alternative word for Skips, Kangaroo Bangers or Kangaroo Fuckers.
Joe: Where are you from?
Aussie: I'm a Kangaroo Banger
Joe: Oh so your an Australian. That is nice.

Australian AustraliaSkipKangaroo FuckerKangaroo Banger
by Ephestion July 07, 2011
Someone, who for the good of the rest of the world, should not be allowed to play cricket.
Just watch the Australian team play...
by pigsmightfly May 28, 2009
Australia was a rich country filled with very unique flora and fauna such as the megafauna but the invasion of the English saw a lot of the native fauna killed, including the aboriginals, Now there are less than 4% authentic aboriginals left in the country and that is being generous.

The Howard administration saw a lot of Australian's turn to trade job's to fuel the production industry. Australia, although being mostly desert has a strong industrial side with the majority of the population working in factories or similar. The Rudd administration will see a large influx of immigration and a further emphasis on education, instead of old people and 'grunt' jobs.

Globalisation has had a dramatic effect on Australia. The food we eat for example mainly consist of export from America and Coles Myer (an American company) making our main foods; pies, pasties, hot dogs and hamburger as well as Coca Cola leading to a huge increase in obesity.

Figures have been stated that less than 50% of Australian's would have a high education. Australia is a highly Anglo-Saxon religious country. This is coming from a 13th generation Australian.

Watch Today Tonight or read a newspaper.
by Rottencore November 24, 2008

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