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anyone seen driving an Audi
look at that audiot in the left lane
by small January 17, 2004
An audiot is an employee or manager who is completely oblivious to the regular audit procedures of an organization. An audiot can also be an inflexible auditor.
Frank is an audiot for not completing a cover sheet on his TPS report when he submitted it. The auditor is a bigger audiot for failing the entire department even though Frank completed his TPS cover sheet before the audit began.
by CorporateAmericaFTW April 07, 2011
An audiot -

gotten from 'audience' (hearing) and idiot- is a person who believes anything he/she hears without critically analyzing it or sourcing facts to validate it.

Audiocy n

Audiotic adj
1. "Come on Kingsley Akpan, don't be such an audiot! Everyone knows Emmanuel's voice isn't that good ,- it's been autotuned.

2. Hanson is such an audiot. He believed he heard people in the hall walking away when it was obviously echoes of his own footsteps.
by KayceeMark February 16, 2015
a person who listens to music that everyone else knows is shit.
He's filled his iPod with Celine Dion, what an audiot!
by Fruitus January 05, 2009
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