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A baffling statement or claim that renders everyone speechless at the sheer wrongheadedness of it such that no-one knows where to start refuting it. To literally rob of speech.
We were having a nice little discussion when he went totally audiorob on us.
by ClericEric October 06, 2007
10 0
To talk loudly and at length forcing all to listen regardless of whether you have any knowledge of the subject.
I don't believe you're right, but I don't want to audiorob the discussion.
by Rico Suave 69 October 06, 2007
10 1
The ability to become an instant expert on any subject by opening up a new browser tab, performing a google search and then writing authoritatively on the subject.
I never studied physics, so when I got into an argument about quantum theory with Stephen Hawking I had to audiorob the subject to prove he was wrong.
by Dick Dangle October 25, 2007
6 1