1) a young man who is obssessed with eating muffins

2) worships the number 27 as if his life revolves around it

1) Have you seen athy No, hes probably eating the muffin.
by 1234567899 August 26, 2008
Top Definition
adjective -- prone to examining beliefs critically and skeptically (neologism based on the common misspelling of 'atheist' as 'athiest')
If you accept most beliefs unquestioningly, you're not very athy. If you do so with most beliefs, yet have a certain set of beliefs you refuse to examine critically, you're athier. If you apply critical examination to ALL beliefs, then you are athiest.

(Not to be confused with the noun 'atheist', which means 'somebody who does not believe in god(s)'.)
by sdweitzen March 23, 2013
(adj) The quality of being foolish or ignorant concerning a cause to the point where one detracts from the strength of the cause.
Intelligent Theist: I know that neither of you believe in God, but perhaps I can convince you otherwise.

Athy Person: I'm athiest! I know that the bible is false and that there is no God. SCIENCE proves it, so it must be true! I don't need to talk about it, my faith lies in SCIENCE.

Legitimate Atheist: Yes, you are quite athy (speaking to Athy Person). I would love to discuss religion with you (speaking to Theist).

Athy Person: Thank you.
by Legitimate Atheist May 25, 2009
An athy or athies (plural) is a pejorative term for atheists.

"Athies" is to atheists as the pejorative term "fundies" is to Christians.
"Great, I just got an other athy posting on my blog about how much they hate Christians."
by Foznots March 23, 2009
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