A degenerative condition transmitted during observation and comparison of human beings with monkeys.
Infection may become more serious with knowledge of history and a study of psychology. Often coupled with a secondary infection called 'intelligence'.
"I graded out of Atheism, Carpentry and Shit-kicking."
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005
some argue the state and atheists have cause over 100 million deaths. Nothing compared to the sheer number of deaths that have been cause by religion and theism in the past (crusades) and the simple halt of progress that the church has created (inquisition). Also, violence based on God continues today in the Middle East. But atheists are bad because they don't have faith in something that has no logical merit.
According to Roman Catholic tradition and scripture, one is to have faith in something without proof, like God or Jesus. However, I can easily say "I am Jesus 2005, follow me" and you must follow me without any logical reason or proof, because you're supposed to have faith. Makes sense.
by Original Name April 20, 2005
N. A non-theistic worldview embraced by people who are still bitter about the Santa Clause Revelation. Often leads to aggressively smug internet trolling on Christian webpage comboxes and social networking sites.
While verbally lacerating Christians for the Inquisition and the Crusades, atheists conveniently ignored the fact that in a few decades of the 20th century, atheist regimes killed over 100 million people. Mao Ze-Dong, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, among others, murdered countless millions in their pursuit of atheist totalitarian utopias. That is inconvenient for atheism.
by MountAthosfriend March 25, 2014
A rational personal conviction held by someone that theism is a falsehood.
"God is dead: but considering the state Man is in, there will perhaps be caves, for ages yet, in which his shadow will be shown." - Neitzsche
by JM December 17, 2004
Mentally healthy - free of the superstitious belief and ignorance that befall so many.
Todd: That new girl seems pretty smart.

Josh: Yeah, she's got a good head on her shoulders and seems pretty sane. She's an atheist.
Todd: Well, yeah, if not for atheism she wouldn't be sane at all.
by Kaetzchen Miaou October 01, 2013
restore of good mental health, avoidance from religious obsessive compulsive disorders. Respect for common sense and individual liberty, subscription to secular humanism and/or nihilism.

a philosophy with the rejection of supernatural creation and the assertiveness that the universe evolved through steps and series of powerful natural forces.
he is so smart, what an atheism !

my atheist friend goes to university
by Pandora8732490427420674067 September 16, 2009
Atheism is the lack of belief in God, or the belief there is no God. Depending on the atheist.
There have been subscribers of atheism that made communism did mass killings far greater than the Vatican, which isn't even Christian. Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Castro are just a few atheistic dictators who committed mass murder. Please don't say Christianity causes wars, because that's simply not true.
by oscarmarin1995 December 28, 2011

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