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Synonym for "I", forbidden to be used by anyone who isn't the strongest.
Who's the strongest?
Basically atai.
by hydrocarbon_ October 07, 2009
A biblical name suggesting strong leadership abilities, athletic abilities, and a quick mind. A warrior, a fighter, and a winner.
Atai was one of King David's Warriors.
by Jonathan4923 February 11, 2010
A word that is sometimes used as a mispronunciation of the phrase "a thai"
Person 1: Hey, what's up?
Person 2: Are you atai?
Person 1: ...Atai?
Person 2: Yeah, atai...
Person 1: I don't know what you're talking about.
Person 2: Nevermind
by NoShakaNo August 24, 2009
..well the word "atai" is derived from the Algerian Arab in ( Algeria is situated in north Africa) simply it means " a passive homosexual" " gay in a passive way" ..someone who likes penetrating dicks into his ass.
when someone gets angry of someone else he simply calls him you're "atai"
by saffi January 30, 2008

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