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french acronym of Age Sex Ville(city) asked to someone's joining chat room.
# john had joined #france
@denis : asv john ?
john : 25 M Paris
by mattt-osx July 29, 2006
"Armor, sanctuary, valor" in the online game Nexus TK.

Armor - Lessens armor class
Sanctuary - Cuts damage
Valor - Boosts might

Cast by Poet or Mage on a hunting party.

Some say ASV to refer to just armor and sanctuary, as they already have a Valor spell of their own.
"ASV please"
"Give me a moment, aethers have almost settled."
by Masenko August 30, 2009
Authorized Standard Version: An update of the King James Version published in 1901.
This version earned the reputation of being the Rock of Biblical Honesty. Although the English used in the ASV is somewhat archaic, it isn't nearly as hard to understand as some passages of the King James Version of nearly 3 centuries earlier. This translation of the Holy Bible is in the public domain.
The passage about the root of all evil is better translated in the ASV or NIV than the KJV.
by Don Jewett March 05, 2004
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