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french acronym of Age Sex Ville(city) asked to someone's joining chat room.
# john had joined #france
@denis : asv john ?
john : 25 M Paris
by mattt-osx July 29, 2006
frenchism for LOL. when you read "lol" in french, it's heard as "laule"
C'est trop drole, laule !
by mattt-osx July 29, 2006
it's a contraction for lol + ASV + cookie+ kikoo + mdr +ptdr + laule. Cookie is often used to reply someone using "kikoo" when enter himself into IRC room.
lolilolasvcookikoomdrptdlaule is also used to make fun of someone's using too much "lol" word into conversation.
sam : lol
mat : lolilolasvcookikoomdrptdlaule !
sam : -_-`
by mattt-osx July 29, 2006

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