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To get blazed and cruise around in a vehicle, typically at night. Coined by Quasimoto on the album "The Unseen".
Even better when bumping tunes like the above album.
we flyin' through your neighborhood at hyperspeed
astro travelin' off that hydro weed

- Quasimoto, "Astro Travelin'"
by djshitts May 21, 2009
(v) to smoke marijuana while driving slowly for leisure, usually at night through the suburbs while blaring the most gangster shit you can find, ex: NWA, 36 Mafia, Lord Quaz, Madvilan Tupac
Hey man lets go over to John's, and we can astrotravel on the way.

Man, I'm so baked from astrotravelin'
by ledzeppeloyd January 17, 2010
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