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A rectal parasite. Most often used when more commonplace profanities, e.g., motherfucker, asshole, cocksucker, etc., are not strong enough.
Listen, assworm: get lost, or get hit.
by Jimmy G. April 13, 2005
Advanced version of an ass-kisser, where the subject is relentless to the point of desperation in efforts to receive attention and praise from superiors.
Arnold: Julian has been in and out of Madge’s office a dozen times already this morning.
William: Why?
Arnold: The usual; to ask how her weekend was, talk about what he did this weekend, that he got her email about a project, someone is going to get back to him about something and he wanted to show her his new shoes.
William: What an assworm.
by RanchM June 25, 2007
A mean, lazy, stupid person with an extreme case of OCD who lacks a sense of humor and needs to get laid.
The assworm would not open the door because she would not use the Easy Button.
by Diane Faulkner July 16, 2008
A gay guy who enjoys spending his time in his boyfriends ass hole, like a worm in its hole. Like a "book worm" who just reads all ass worm gets up inside an ass all day.
No example for ass worm
by giacomious August 08, 2011
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