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The process of spreading your ass cheeks and closing them onto someones nose, and then sharting a little bit.
" HAHAHAHAHA... Last night at my friend's sleep over, I gave someone an ass waffle"
by Skitterbon pancakes January 15, 2012
(noun) some one who is anoying, or uncool in anyway, such as a a guy who keeps hittin on your girlfreind or wishes he was kurt cobain, or just plain sucks
"dude, your an asswaffle"
by grungyflannel April 27, 2007
A word that Michael Zurawel made up a long time ago to tell people off in a funny way but also make them feel highly insecure.
" Yo, that guy in the 50 cent video was a complete asswaffle getting all thoughs hunnys on him"
by Mandax95xlynnea April 11, 2009
(Noun) An analogy to describe the look of one's Ass Hole to that of a Blue Waffle.

(Adjective) A description the feeling of disgust about another persons actions or appearance.
"I hope Brittany Spears vagina doesn't look as bad as her Ass-Waffle."

"The way that the 2012 presidential race was handled was one big Ass-Waffle."

"Saying that girl had a butterface was very considerate, saying she has one big Ass-Waffle of a face was much more true."
by March1392 October 29, 2012
Asswaffles: a word to use when severely pissed off.
*drops brick on toe* "asswaffles!"

"So I gotta go babysit. We can't chill today." "Asswaffles!"
by aaswaffler February 05, 2012
The act of giving a rimjob while said persons ass is covered in maple syrup, and waffle mix.
I was forced to give a man an ass waffle in prison, this I shall never forget.
by bigwade August 24, 2006
asswaffle(n); A person who is a waste of oxygen; an idiot. Also used to describe someone that won't let you run your game. To act in a ridiculous manner; embarassing. see douchewaffle.
that guy is such an asswaffle.

shes an atheist so she must be an asswaffle.
by asswaffle May 23, 2010