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gay derogatory slang;
a cheap, easy, low-quality (usually young or under-age) gay male;
also used as an unspecific reference to others of lesser virtue than yourself or your friends
"Miss Thing, whatever can you be thinking? Him? Oh, puh-leeze! That boy is just SO much asstoast!"
by David July 11, 2003
8 Words related to asstoast
1. A derogatory term for an undesirable person. 2. Anal sex 3.Toasted bread, with ass on it sometimes eaten with ky jelly
1. Quit being such a piece of ass toast! 2. I'm gonna get some ass toast tonight. 3. I had two slices of ass toast this morning
#ass #asstoast #toast #ky jelly #jelly #stickam #gay/bi #chatroom
by Joshua "the cat [inahat]" S. June 01, 2007
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