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A large, ill-tempered, figurative sewer rat trapped in your anus, signifying your disgust over an unfortunate event.
"assrats! foiled again."
by Waylon Rowley September 14, 2004
a giant piece of shit that has a tail, resembling a rat
guy 1: so i was taking this giant shit at mcdonald's last night and it turned out to be an ass rat.
guy 2: god damn
by chicken fried negro sammich October 22, 2008
someone who fingers their own ass.
Dan: "Hey man"
Shane: "Fuck off assrat"
by handsome_hyena July 10, 2008
An asshole who likes to fuck unassuming people over from behind.
You are such an ass-rat for tattletaling on your colleagues. Is that how you got promoted?
by Cont78 December 18, 2010
A russian mail order husband who uses a screen name holy gerbil who exchanges his aim programing skills for a green card and escape from an Israeli relocation camp.
Arkansas woman: Ooooo weeee I'd sho like to get me one of them ass rats since they is so grateful for saving them they give you sex and everything right up the ass.
by BigBrotherMick426 September 23, 2009
a rat that lives in your ass
1. Eww! I found an ass rat up my butt.
2. OMG, she is being an ass rat.

by :P :P :P :P June 10, 2008
face made when one puffs up cheeks, flares nostrils, and bulges eyes. ask for model demonstration; never do alone.
50 cent looks like an assrat.

see how easy that is!!
by jabooleha August 21, 2003
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