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one who loves rear-ends obsessively.
He loves J-Lo because he's an assoholic.
by dar ted April 13, 2006
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Someone who cannot help being an asshole, all the time.
As a teenager, I was addicted to being a moron, a real assoholic.
by CharlesF October 09, 2006
A guy that can't get enough ass. loves anal sex and says booty more than necessary.
"He always smells!" "Thats because he is an assoholic, and he always gets some."
by bOwLiNg4bRoTh85 May 26, 2006
a chronic condition usually associated with constant asshole
behavior. This condition is non gender specific
Sally: I went out with Jerry last night and he kept hitting on the waitrees.

Patty: Jerry must be an assoholic. Dump him, girl!
by pretty wings September 09, 2009
Self absorbed, abusive, infantile, narcissistic, loud, selfish, intimidating, incapable of admitting error or taking responsibility ...(everything wrong is someone else's fault), rude, mean spirited, cruel, deceptive, phoney, con artist, cowardly...yet aggressively bullying, jealous, possessive and superficially dominant.

There are blatantly obvious dumb assoholics...some of which wind up in jail......but the more clever ones are skilled at finding victims and they gravitate towards positions of power...where they try to establish personality cults around their peculiar pathology.
Many people in prison are assoholics....but so are many people who have risen to the top of our private and public sectors.
by Nickie Newark February 25, 2014
To be an uncontrolable ass.

An Amazing word that should be used 3 times a day.
I didnt mean to be such and Assoholic.

Your an Assoholic.
Adj. Chronic Asshole, someone who is consistantly being an asshole over a long period of time
Dude, he is such an assoholic.
by Christurn March 27, 2007

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