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Main entry: assmask
Pronunciation: 'as-'mask
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French masque, from Old Italian maschera; and Middle English, from Old English assa, probably from Old Irish asan, from Latin asinus

2: One who has his/her head so far up up his/her ass, said ass is being worn as a mask
A more asstacular example of an asshat
by disSanFranchised November 18, 2004
When you do oral sex to a woman from the back placing your mouth in her vagina and your nose in her ass
ass mask hey Jenny I want an ass mask from rob
by Willsituate February 14, 2015
pulling the collar of your shirt over your nose and mouth to protect from foul odors.
"How bad is it in that Port-o-Potty?"

"You'll need an ass-mask at the very least."
by gap tooth grin December 11, 2009
When an individual's entire head is up their own ass, instead of just the top, which is commonly referred to as asshat.
Billy's math teacher was being an assmask, unlike his gym teacher, who was just an asshat
by Ralph Dingus July 23, 2011
to shove your ass onto another person's face
Al: *Just sitting there*
Bright: *Jumps on Al with no pants* "Haha I just ass masked you!"
by sean aka dolemite April 29, 2004
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