Acting like an ass.
Man that customer I just got off the phone with was really assing.
by scm21st November 10, 2009
Top Definition
The process of using one's ass to suggest that another person move elsewhere.
"Dude, what are you doing in my face"
"Sorry man, that guy was assing me this way"
by VerkyTheTurky January 27, 2013
to ass, or to kick ass (as in a game or other happening)
YO, we are so ASSING you in the game tomorrow.
by Victoria Reyes November 19, 2006
When the car behind you is literally on your ass!
That car is totally assing me!!!

(I hate it when this happens. & no, I don't even drive slow!!)
by Anonymous_Lady February 03, 2010
some one...who is..jacking around..and shit
dude...quit assing around.
by Ash September 24, 2004
A marching band hazing ritual whereby, upon first performance of an incorrect note, a new band member's face is rubbed in the bare buttocks of another member.
That new sousaphonist has such an assing coming to him!
by bB October 20, 2005

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