A voracious pussy-licker can sometimes make a butt-related accident, hence, assident:
When you're eating a fantastic snizz and your tongue slips in her asshole. Perhaps the word is better used when it's a dirty asshole.
As soon as said accident is made, it's good to play up the situation by using baby-talk:

Man, to woman, making cute-sy frowny face: "Baby made an assident".
by Davey C. December 13, 2007
Top Definition
When you are having sex with a girl and your penis accidentally comes out too far and goes back into her asshole. She usually screams in horror.
Girl: AAAHHHH!!!!!

Guy: Sorry, babe. Assidents will happen.
by MattyMo424 April 16, 2008
an accidental pregnancy resulting from anal sex.
g/f : my pregnacy test came back positive.
b/f : but i only gave it to you up the butt!
g/f : the dr.s said when you giz it can leak down and cause pregnancy.
by Lauren August 19, 2005
When you confuse a guy wearing emo fag tight pants as a girl with a nice ass. This can lead to one feeling partially homosexual.
Me and dan were drivin'... im like "fuck Dan, look at that ass" hes like "I think thats a dude!"

Me: "Shit, I made another assident!"

We then proceeded to bait him by saying: "hey dude, are you a dude?"
by Ryan Cash November 14, 2007
An accident caused by an asshole. Specifically a car assident.
On the way to work, I witnessed a car assident caused by someone texting. The assident caused traffic that inconvenieced thousands of other people. Truly an accident caused by an asshole.
by Slushgirl July 22, 2011
When you do something to piss someone off, then say it was an accident in fear of revenge.
*Purposely team kill in call of duty* Player 1:Im getting you back for that! Player 2:Sorry that was an accident (Really an assident)
by Chissie May 12, 2010
an accident involving one or more people being an ass
This guy was tailgating me for miles, it's no surprise we got into an assident.
by Ryan Taurant September 22, 2009
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