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A voracious pussy-licker can sometimes make a butt-related accident, hence, assident:
When you're eating a fantastic snizz and your tongue slips in her asshole. Perhaps the word is better used when it's a dirty asshole.
As soon as said accident is made, it's good to play up the situation by using baby-talk:

Man, to woman, making cute-sy frowny face: "Baby made an assident".
by Davey C. December 13, 2007
4 3
When you are having sex with a girl and your penis accidentally comes out too far and goes back into her asshole. She usually screams in horror.
Girl: AAAHHHH!!!!!

Guy: Sorry, babe. Assidents will happen.
by MattyMo424 April 16, 2008
32 4
an accidental pregnancy resulting from anal sex.
g/f : my pregnacy test came back positive.
b/f : but i only gave it to you up the butt!
g/f : the dr.s said when you giz it can leak down and cause pregnancy.
by Lauren August 19, 2005
30 14
When you confuse a guy wearing emo fag tight pants as a girl with a nice ass. This can lead to one feeling partially homosexual.
Me and dan were drivin'... im like "fuck Dan, look at that ass" hes like "I think thats a dude!"

Me: "Shit, I made another assident!"

We then proceeded to bait him by saying: "hey dude, are you a dude?"
by Ryan Cash November 14, 2007
14 5
oops, I had an assident.
by 46er September 26, 2009
8 3
An accident caused by an asshole. Specifically a car assident.
On the way to work, I witnessed a car assident caused by someone texting. The assident caused traffic that inconvenieced thousands of other people. Truly an accident caused by an asshole.
by Slushgirl July 22, 2011
7 4
When you do something to piss someone off, then say it was an accident in fear of revenge.
*Purposely team kill in call of duty* Player 1:Im getting you back for that! Player 2:Sorry that was an accident (Really an assident)
by Chissie May 12, 2010
3 1
an accident involving one or more people being an ass
This guy was tailgating me for miles, it's no surprise we got into an assident.
by Ryan Taurant September 22, 2009
2 1