1. The outcome, both tangible and intangable, of someone's being an asshole.

2. The art and science of being an asshole.
1. Tom's assholery caused his arrest.

2. Bill had dedicated himself to assholery, so where better to practice it, then in politics?
by 91flhs February 13, 2011
Top Definition
Actions or behavior consistent with being an asshole
I was fired in my boss's latest fit of assholery.
by Chad December 03, 2003
1. (n) The behaviour characteristic of an asshole.

2. (n) An institution that produces a large amount of assholes in a manner that resembles the systematic and high output of industrial factories.
1. My professor was exhibiting an incredible degree of assholery

2. Most law and business schools are massive assholeries
by blorgoclot March 27, 2011
The art of being an asshole without actually getting beat up for it. In fact, people like you more for being good at it. There are only so many people that can pull this off, and no two ever exist in the same room at the same time. The very nature of assholery negates itself in such a situation.
Dude, Tucker is a master of assholery. He's rude as hell, but everyone loves him.
by Tyler Lake August 20, 2007
Behavior typical of an asshole.
Gerta: "Did you see how Aflac fired Gilbert Gottfried for his jokes?"
Bertrand: "Yup. They're guilty of assholery."
by Dove the Master March 16, 2011
The act of asking someone a question that's stereotyping the person they're asking and the person whos being asked the question asks if they're stereotyping them and they just be a big prickhole and say yes.
Girl - hey (fat kid's name) are you dating (disabled girl's name)?

Fat kid - are you saying that because I'm fat?

Girl - yes I am.

Fat kid - the fucking hell's wrong with you!?! That's assholery!
by milla'z boy January 10, 2014
Acting in a foolish manner that is more than a little crass. A grown up version of tom-foolery.
I am tired of those guys and their constant assholery
by kenbo raelian January 20, 2004
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