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By the mid-1970s "Asshole Buddies" had lost its primarily military connotation and became a slang term, more commonly used in the American South than in other regions, to denote two very close male friends who have come to know each other intimately, though not necessarily sexually. Even if they are having sex, they may nonetheless identify as straight.
." Lonnie and Joe Bob? You hardly ever see one without the other. They've been asshole buddies for years."

by al-in-chgo September 24, 2011
An aquaintence, such as a coworker, fellow church member, etc. with whom another person maintains a mutually beneficial relationship, all the while not actually liking that person at all.
I'm going to need a few extra pens so I can take some home. I'd better ask my asshole buddy in the supply room to hook me up.
by Petrabid October 02, 2015
Pals, accused of being so close they have become fudge packers.
John Kerry and the Breck girl weren't exactly asshole buddies until Kerry bit his tongue and chose him for Veep.
by octopod July 11, 2004
During WW2, sex was hard to get, and masturbation and fellatio were totally unacceptable practices. But in a foxhole environment asshole buddies could sodomize each other, in turn, without problem, as long as it was kept on the down low.
I get along pretty good with Pvt X. We're asshole buddies.

I'll bet those guys are asshole buddies.
by Kriskokid December 11, 2006
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