a sweet way of saying asshole
oh adam you're such an assho
by alracnommas March 26, 2009
A person who is constantly providing their ass for other people's "pleasure"
That kid Cullen is an Ass-Ho. He just can't keep his ass to himself
by Panamorous January 22, 2009
A shortened version of asshopper, which is in turn a shortened version of grasshopper. Grasshopper being a nickname for a student such as Daniel-san in The Karate Kid.
Mark, you're an assho; Markus Assho
by Sean R May 17, 2005
Two words that act as a suffix when describing a female person's occupation or demeanor by use of adjective, or of their position/rank/identity etc.

For male persons "ass nigga" can be used.
1. Jessica Alba is one fine ass ho.
2. I just got jumped by some brutal ass ho's on the street.
3. That lifeguard ass ho just saved my life.
by Naked Assassin November 07, 2005
i)insulting a whore who is an ass....thus...ASSHO
ii)insulting somebody who is an asshole...thus...ASSHO
i)"that ho kicked my balls for no reason!!! wat an assho!!"
ii)"do you know the answer for this question?"
"grapes are fun!!"
by drawn together rules!!` November 23, 2006

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