a person who is so insanely stupid that they could wear their ass for a hat and not be questioned for it.
Hey bro look at that kid with the Yu-Gi-Oh backpack, he's such an Ass Hat.
by The Asshat man November 15, 2010
an ass hat is someone who doesnt know any thing but talks like they know everything
that ass hat wont shut up
by dirtyd420420 March 16, 2010
A person who's head is firmly planted up their own ass. And is most likely very stubborn and ignorant.
That teacher was such a cluless ass hat.
by Phreshie November 12, 2009
a tattoo across the lower back. Also known as a tramp stamp. Name comes from tattoo resting on top of ass like hat.
"Did you see her new tattoo?"
"Oh yeah, she got an ass hat that said her boyfriend's name."
by ksplice July 31, 2009
1.)practitioner of ass hattery
All paladins are ass hats
by Jesus Barron February 27, 2008
A newer, weirder way to say that somebody has their head up their ass. It's dead now because it was on the OC.
Dude, you're an asshat.
by Pepsi X-treme June 24, 2005
a moron who tries to write profanity in public and can't spell.
at a theme park,"fuck fagits" and written underneath is learn to spell asshat
by johnredd June 22, 2005

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