1.)practitioner of ass hattery
All paladins are ass hats
by Jesus Barron February 27, 2008
A newer, weirder way to say that somebody has their head up their ass. It's dead now because it was on the OC.
Dude, you're an asshat.
by Pepsi X-treme June 24, 2005
a moron who tries to write profanity in public and can't spell.
at a theme park,"fuck fagits" and written underneath is learn to spell asshat
by johnredd June 22, 2005
1. Shorts, a hat for your ass.
Those are bitching asshats-Greg
by RRyan May 17, 2005
A pair of pants. AKA: The hat of an ass.
"You are an ass hat!" "I'm a pair of pants?"
by UmmmHello?! May 06, 2012
What you become when your mom is a teacher, no one likes her and she sits on you
Aaric's an ass hat...
by ManderzzCarrii January 08, 2012
One or more persons drops pants and place their bare asses on the victims head, take a photo and laugh your own ass off.
Mayr is a frequent wearer of an ass hat.
He does not find it funny butt we do.
by JFFFP September 25, 2011

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