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What you become when your mom is a teacher, no one likes her and she sits on you
Aaric's an ass hat...
by ManderzzCarrii January 08, 2012
One or more persons drops pants and place their bare asses on the victims head, take a photo and laugh your own ass off.
Mayr is a frequent wearer of an ass hat.
He does not find it funny butt we do.
by JFFFP September 25, 2011
When the balance of a person's entire physical make-up is nothing more than a hat for their ass.
You are truly an ass hat.
by Blankedyblancblanc June 04, 2011
A tattoo above a womans anus. Thus a hat for her ass.
Guy 1 - "Hey man did you see that tramp stamp right above that girl's ass?"

Guy 2 - "That my friend, is what we call an asshat. Tramp stamps are above the vagina."

Guy 1 - "Touché."
by eagleshockey54 January 03, 2011
DEFINITION 1. A person who is greatly hated, mean or dumb.

how to say: say ASS then HAT! if you read this you are ass hat DEFINITION 1

DEFINITION 2. when a person uses ones ass as a hat and sometimes their own ass.
D1. My ass hat friend went to Virginia.

D2. don't use my ass as a ass hat sir!

ass hat: stupid,idiot,hated,dumb,ignorant
by sniper21 June 03, 2010
one good looking dude
so this one girl one day says to me your an asshat!.... and my response is damn girl thanks! love you too
by asshat2789 April 21, 2010
An idoit of epic porportions. Usually resides in forums or most online games. They can easilly be mistaken for noobs, but there is only a slight difference. Asshats seem to be more of a pestering noob than one that you meet for a short period of time. See chode.
Inderpaul is an asshat.
by Zim Santos August 21, 2006