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The part of the douching apparatus that often is overlooked. It connects to the douche bag which collects the runoff. A nozzle is slightly more derogatory than the douche bag since the nozzle is the "business end" of the douche.

The phrase originated on the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline from C list celebrity Adam Corolla (also on comedy central, various shows)
Then that douche nozzle wrote me a ticket for a missing front license plate.
by Expane October 20, 2005
Noun. 1)An attention whoring figure currently succeeding in drawing said attention, either negative or positive. Usually reserved for those attention whores lacking in talent or refinement in any way. Used most commonly for political figures or celebrities that are perceived dumb.

2) Similar to a douchebag or douchenozzle only w/o the scheaming and backstabbing. Someone plainly craving attention and willing to put their own stupidity on display for the sake of it. Also used for message board trolls who spam and create false personnas, alternate sexual identities for negative attention.
Nick and Jessica from MTV are such asshats when they pretend to be dumber than they are

Look at that Asshat Tom Delay smiling in his mugshot.
by Expane October 21, 2005
Verb. To clean a pussy using over the counter products.
Noun. All components of said products that come in the box (douche bag, solution, nozzle)

Slang - Noun. 1) A person who is acting in a sleezy and respulsive way.
2) A cheesy person who attempts to smooth talk or con someone.
3) A buffoon, a person acting in a way to attract attention to themselves by behaving in a socially inappropriate manner.
4) One who commits selfish and harmful acts intentionally
1) That douche is copying your test answers
2) That douche of a salesmen tried to charge me extra closing costs
3) The bouncers just wrecked that douche who spilled his drinks on people
4) That douche just took my parking spot
by Expane October 20, 2005
(Adj) Peculiar in a negative or derogatory way. Used to describe the look of clothing styles, people's appearance, or to describe material goods of suspect quality.

Coined by Bubba the Love Sponge they have never outright defined the word but used it regularly in early-mid 2006.

(Noun) Useless Junk.
(adj)I like number 124 but I'm a little distracted by the wood panneling Mcgillicutty Jones in the background.

That old hefer was showing some flabby Mcgillicutty puss on the backside.

(noun)Don't be coming in here trying to put over that Mcgillicutty.
by expane December 21, 2006
A combination of ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) and awful, used commonly on the internet. Literally something that is funny because it is awful.
The zone went live but they forgot to add the loot table, all the high end loot is just placeholder drops!

by expane February 15, 2006

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