When a person gets to a level of agitation that requires the person to tell the agitator to wear their ass as a hat.
Agitator: Hey dipshit! How does it feel to know you're a crack baby!?
Agitated: Go fuck yourself with a cactus asshat!
by Dr. English D. Fuckerupper September 25, 2014
One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat. #Xaviermunrogreen
"You sir are an asshat!" "Wait, I'm no Xavier Green"
by Trevor. September 11, 2014
N; A person whose upper torso exists solely to decorate their own ass; in essence, their attractive lower body and its' usefulness is the sole reason for the upper half's existence.
He doesn't have to understand metaphors, he's an asshat.
by Banjodanger April 19, 2013
Some who acts foolish with no intent.
Todd's an Asshat he bathed his cat in the sink again.
by Ethan Hawley January 01, 2012
When a woman ass is so fine...you would proudly wear it as a hat
Honey....u are so fine, I want to wear your ass as a hat.....love me some asshat !!!
by The Door Guy July 09, 2010
an ass hat is someone who doesnt know any thing but talks like they know everything
that ass hat wont shut up
by dirtyd420420 March 16, 2010
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