Worse than assholes, they're not wholes they're halves
I wonder how many millions these asshalves who own these companies contributed to the Romney/Ryan campaign?
by Captain Cheesewhiz November 19, 2012
Top Definition
Someone who is such a prick or is so obnoxious that he isn't worth being called an asshole.
That guy isn't even an asshole, he's an asshalf.
by SFSMaus March 02, 2006
To share, or split space. Usually a space at a show, con,or vendor space.
" Sure, I will asshalf a chair with you if you want to do the show."
by Cigany January 28, 2013
A exceedingly stupid or obnoxous person. An idiot. A walking life support system for a vagina.
You are an asshalf, it takes two of you to make and asshole.
by ass troll February 20, 2009
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