Pronounced: ass-uh-nine

1. Describing an action that only one who comprises of ass-like characteristics would perform.
Guy #1: I was playing Call of Duty MW2 and this guy kept running around with the marathon, lightweight, and commando perks stabbing people silly and pissing people off.

Guy #2: Man that is so assanine. I would have left the match rather than continue to play with that asshole all day.
by nakker December 12, 2009
Top Definition
It's spelled "asinine."
Just thought you people should know... it's a real word, you just spelled it wrong.
That brat always makes asinine remarks.

by bluediamond286 December 04, 2007
the act of telling someone that there ugly and there ass is nice
that girl over there is do u figuare? well i gave her face a 2 and her ass a 9
by §lick nick November 10, 2008
someone with a really nice butt.
Whoa! I give that girl assanine.
by Edison D May 24, 2006
When a girl has smokin body and nice butt
Friend: "did you see that girl"
Me: "oh ya, I would definitely give her an assanine"
by That-One-Kid February 26, 2014
messed up or screwed up situation
or in a absurd conflict with a person(s)
this is assanine i cant take this (pissed)
this is total assanine when u get busted with a friend or 2 (the situation)
this conversation is assanine (when talking to someone in a absurd conflict)
by nick October 20, 2004
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