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A total lame ass that is usually doing stupid and/or retarded things.

See also: dumb fuck, ass hole, dumb shit, fuck face and stupid fuck.
Stan: Cartman, you're an ass sucker.
Cartman: What did you call me?
Stan: An ass sucker. You suck ass. You see an ass and you suck it. You're an ass sucker.
by koolkalifornia October 15, 2005
1) Sodomy.

2) A stupid person.

3) A Loser.

4) a person that always get questions wrong or try to get answers and advice from bad information.
" Im a bed! "," Wow, you got it bad ass-sucker!", " You dumb little ass-sucker!", Any one who uses Wikipedia as their only online source of info is an ass-sucker.
by yo baby's dady! February 17, 2010
a person that sees an ass and sucks it!!!
Stan: "Cartman your such an ass-sucker !''

Cartman:''what the hell is an ass-sucker?''

Stan: "you see and ass and you suck it!"
by kit.T93 May 15, 2010
1) Someone who enjoys licking or sucking on the buttox during sexuall intercourse.
2) A person with an I.Q. lower than 50.
3) An annoying or mean person.
1) He was a real ass-sucker.
2) Stop being an ass-sucker!
3) Shut up, ass-sucker!
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
some one that suck nasty hariy ass
Jake pelter is a furry ass sucker
by Dan January 26, 2004
someone who sucks on assholes that havent been wiped
tyler k. sucked on beths asshole
by dsghdfghdh July 07, 2003
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