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If somebody says they're going to be straight forward with you it means that they're just going to come out and say what they are feeling without dancing around it.
I'm going to be straight forward with you; your girlfriend is ugly as hell.
by koolkalifornia September 17, 2005
Stealthy by nature, peeping toms use the latest state-of-the-art technology such as digital binoculars to spy on woman in any manner of undress.

Peeping toms are often featured on talk shows such as Maury or the Jerry Springer show and are always made out to be the bad guy even though every guy in America and the world wishes he could do the same thing.
Good ol' Grandpa Henry always has plenty of stories of how he used to be a peeping tom when he was in his 20's and seen plenty of hot naked boobs.
by koolkalifornia October 15, 2005
An anagram of fucking nuts first used in the movie "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star".
50 million people used to watch him on TV. Now he washes their cars. -- That's nucking futs!
by koolkalifornia October 22, 2005
A total lame ass that is usually doing stupid and/or retarded things.

See also: dumb fuck, ass hole, dumb shit, fuck face and stupid fuck.
Stan: Cartman, you're an ass sucker.
Cartman: What did you call me?
Stan: An ass sucker. You suck ass. You see an ass and you suck it. You're an ass sucker.
by koolkalifornia October 15, 2005
A phrase to describe you just got it on with a girl, usually more than one.

It can be used in past, present and future tense (see example).
Past: he jumped the party
Present: he's jumping the party
Future: he's going to jump the party
by koolkalifornia February 09, 2005
"Pigeon shit" is usually used to explain a bleak situation when other words fail.

I lost my job, my house and now my woman? PIGEON SHIT!
by koolkalifornia October 01, 2005
Laughing my overly large fucking ass off while rolling on the floor hysterically.

Can be used to really confuse people in chatrooms.
flyindude959: I walked in on my mom and dad having sex and totally barfed all over them.
yo_momma_a_ho_777: lmolfaowrotfh
by koolkalifornia October 23, 2005
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