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on who rams his erect penis into a male or females poop chute. if is a male it is sodomy if female it is buttfucking.
wow! camerone can sure ass ram./ camerone is an ass rammer!
by poppy jk Arthor the third March 18, 2005
Some one who rams others in the ass hole.
You are a ass rammer.
by Adam Doyle May 06, 2003
n. british for a homosexual; american for flamin faggot; one who enjoys bein reemed

v. (ass ramming) the action of getting reemed or reeming another
-by jove Cornelius, looked at those ass rammers attempting sexual intercourse on that park sitting bench. I do hope a bobby will put a stop to that.

-dude, look at those ass rammers goin at it on that bench
by Timothy FitzPatrick June 02, 2003
One who rams asses. Figure it out for yourself.
Dude, did you see Chris the other day? Yeah, he's become a real assrammer.
by Tak a Lah August 29, 2003
joe mazza
joe mazza is an ass rammer
by sigpiweasel February 25, 2004
A Boy who likes pushing fingers in his or somethings anal, ass, poop shoot?Me?
Freeks, Geeks, And GayButcheeks.
by Chris Douglas August 17, 2003

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