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Ass Pickle is an insult used to call someone something similar to a piece of shit. However, it gets the mind thinking as it combines the words together and is therefore more funny.
You are such an Ass Pickle.

What up, Ass Pickle?
by Takuban November 03, 2006
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as a noun: one who dwells in an anus, hence, is pickled in ass.

as a verb: (to asspickle/ asspickling): sticking things up one's ass.

Just another name I like to call one of my best friends.
Jaycee is a douchetastic asspickle.
by artpsychopedia January 02, 2007
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Just another name for a turd.
by Mr. Bubblehead March 22, 2005
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1.One who has the nature of an ass, too a magnified extent. 2.To be such an ass, that one is marinated in it like a pickle. 3.Literaly looking like a piece of human piece of shit.
Steph: "Why do you have to be such an asspickle?"

Délhan: "It is in my nature, I was born that way. My parents were asses, my grandparents were asses. Im just keeping up tradition."

Thus Délhan being an asspickle.
by Délhan May 16, 2006
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1.The name for your bestie aka the person who swears way too much...
2.a lightweight
Asspickles make great friends but shitty drinkers...
by lolx16 June 25, 2016
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other: ass pickle,ass-pickle

origin:Florida,Tampa area, Riverview

creators:Eric Fe******s, and Marcell Ja**s

Deffinition: A ubercocky participant in an on-line FPS game (usually Halo 2)who pownes and is powned frequently and is a sore looser/winner that will complain about being powned or will rub the fact that he/she pownedyou.
Asspickle:dOOd, i #0#411"/ %0\/\/^3o/ u12 /\1253 m/\^
(dude ,I totally powned ur arse man)
player: F*ck you 1337 wannabe noob douche

Asspickle:i 57!1_1_ %0\/\/^3o/ u12 /\1253 m/.....
(I still powned ur arse ma(n).....)
-asspickle player is sniped in back of head while trying to figure out his lame 1337 translation sheet from http://dum.asspickle.noob (or similar wannabe noob site)
by Eric F. February 09, 2006
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An ass pickle is an insult to someone that you hate and no one likes
Gianna Walker smells like such an ass pickle
by Tacuban March 17, 2016
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