nuggets of feces that range from large to small in size, usually found stuck in the hairs of shaggy dogs' asses.
Wow, that dog has a bunch of assnuggets.
by shitsweak5490 August 05, 2008
when someone has repeted nugget shaped shits that sounds like a bb gun
dood what happened in the boys stall today i heard someone was shooting a bb gun and the cops had to come? no it was just someone that had assnuggets
by baggee September 14, 2006
small bits of poopie that get stuck to your ass (or its hair) when you don't wipe correctly.
Your mom tossed my salad last night and she found ass nuggets. She ate that shit!"
by JtothaC March 30, 2005
when someone has repetative nugget shaped shits that sound like someone is shooting a bb gun
dude what happened today, i heard someone was shooting a bb gun in the mens stall and the cops came, they found out it was someone just haveing an assnugget
by baggee September 14, 2006
dangle berries, tag nuts, little bits of shit left on yer arse
she was a bit of a tramp, she obviously hadn't wiped her arse properly because she had ass nuggets
by Keithmeister May 14, 2003

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