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means you are a fucking idiot
indicates you like to eat ass
I'm not lending you five bucks ass munch
by Pat N April 17, 2003
insult usually directed towards someone with anger.
Also related to:
and many more
"hello assmunch"
"haha, Fin is such an assmunch"
by lawzer February 07, 2005
a purveyor of unacceptably annoying acts, usually due to sheer incompetence rather than maliciousness; one who is irritating, frustrating, dweebtastic, or otherwise mock-worthy.
it took the guy at the sandwich shop 20 minutes to make my sandwich- what an assmunch. it still tasted good though, but c'mon, 20 minutes? fuck that.
by Viktor II August 23, 2007
An undesirable or offensive person.
"Quit being such an ass munch."
by x January 22, 2003
An asshole without the attitude or agressiveness. A derogatory term to describe someone of useless ability and questionable intelligence.
Jim turned down a date with a lingerie model because he had to study for finals, thereby proving that he is a complete and utter assmunch.
by NB March 12, 2003
1)He/she who places lips on another's anal hole and vacuums the shit into their mouth.
2)A total let down of a human being who brings people down.
3)An annoying twat who thinks they are highly intelligent because they use long words to promote their retarded values.
1)"Hey, get my shit out yo mouth, Ass Munch!"
2)"Man, you a fucking let down Ass Munch ,hope you choke on my shit"
3)"Wow, you use big words, even though you look to have been Hitlered, man I'm glad I'm not an ass munch like you!"
by Top Dog Ryan September 22, 2005
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