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A prank played on someone who is sleeping. When you pull down your pants stick their nose in your crack and then fart. May cause nosebleeds and/or loss of consciousness.
John was the first one to fall asleep, so Manuel sent him ass spelunking. Man was he pissed.
by Notorious R.E.D. and S Bizzle February 08, 2007
The expansive exploration of the anal cavity taken to an extent far beyond typical examination. In order to be considered an ass spelunking specific symptoms must be present. Extreme pain, euphoria, nausea, loose stool, and loss of bowel control are typical. In order to be an ass spelunker one must have partaken in at least 75% of the anal event and have documented the such thoroughly. Any accomplice in the even is referred to as the secondary spelunker.
Many times ass spelunking is used in reference to homosexual acts, however, ass spelunking can also refer to those of hetero origin.
"That butt pirate goes ass spelunking nightly."

"Tuesday I went ass spelunking with Ashley and ruined her parents sheets. After she passed out a I gave her a superman."

by H. J. B. May 16, 2008
to eat someones ass
i went ass-spelunking last night in your girlfriends ass
by Ben Carroll October 30, 2003
the act of an employee exploring his bosses insides with his nose for personal gain
Yo, Mike, when you get done ass-spelunking with Larry would you mind helping me get some work done or would you rather give him a hot carl.
by g spot May 13, 2006
The act of exploring the dark depths of male ass hole
Robert is very experienced at ass-spelunking
by Bob February 11, 2003
the act of exploring and probing the depths of ones anus via the penile insertion method.
Lance and Jerome were out ass spelunking at the local gay rest area.
by rhino November 21, 2002
Its Where a person jumps into another persons ass! Usually an insult to your fellow man.
Johhny stop being a fucking ass spelunking donkey raping shit eater!!! :)
by Omar Enrique Torres May 23, 2006

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