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1) Extremely painful shit. A very painful dump. A long and painful act on the toilette. Generally caused by lack of fibre and waiting too long to shit. A shit which may require assistance, either medically, or with a rigid spoon-like excavation tool.

2) A term used amongst well known friends, and best not used just anywhere.
1) Scott: "What took you so long in my washroom guy, there aren't any magazines in there when you come over!"
Max: "Duuuude, I couldn't go, I was squirming and standing on my fucking toes squeezing and writhing in agony. It was like I was giving a shit birth. I had a serious ass ripper!!"
Scott: "AW fuck man, not again, I had to replace my toilette last time you used it!!!! Why don't you just go straight to the fucking sewage plant guy and hang over the septic pool before you come to visit!!"

2) Best not used location example-
Max: "I would like to toast the bride whom I have had some special moments with before today - especially last night - I digress, firstly I would like to apologize for my scratchy throat, I spent the last 5 minutes screaming in the can forcing out an extreme ass ripper!"
by psiscott April 10, 2006
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OMG Melody! LMFAO that was an assripper.
by G.Howie Fartz June 01, 2013
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To fart, one who passes gas.
Dave is a real assripper.
by Wade December 08, 2003
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When a guy waits for another male to pull his pants down at urinal. Then proceeds to rape him once he starts to pee.
i never felt comfortable using a public bathroom again, after i saw that guy get caught by an ass ripper at wal-mart.
by 09baby May 28, 2009
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