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The lint/fuzz that collects in one's ass crack over a period of time. Composed of excess material from cheap boxers and loose ass/crack hair. Usually found in a tangled mass by itching one's ass crack.
John discovered a massive clump of ass lint buried deep in his ass crack, and flung it at Bryan while typing this.
by Bryan & John May 29, 2006
The lint stuck in your upper ass crack, from wearing various types of under garments.
This girl was giving me a rim job, and she licked out all of my ass lint.
by Drake Farmer May 05, 2007
tiny pieces of feces/boxers that reside at the beginning of ur ass crack
Eww i jus wiped my ass and there was ass lint all over the toilet paper
by thesokkrrokkr February 06, 2006
dingleberries that collect at the beginning of ur ass-crack
eww i jus scratched my ass and my hand was covered in ass lint
by thesokkrrokkr February 03, 2006
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