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One who enjoys plowing the field or planting his creamy crop in the acres of one's ass.
That kid likes to do guys up the pooper... he's a pretty big fuckin ass farmer.
by Austin February 16, 2004
A male whose preferred method of sexual intercourse is by penetrating the ass of another man.
Don't go to San Fran; nothing by Ass Farmer's out there.
by King Sr. July 01, 2003
sombody who has lots of butt sex
John im completely fine that your gay,but are you really an ass farmer?
by Ethan D. February 13, 2007
someone who's ass is growing
Have you seen Luanna since she got married? 6 months of soap operas and junk food, she's becoming a real ass farmer!
by Pickles McDoody October 04, 2010
one who cultivates the seeds of life on another's ass fields.
peter north has a side profession as an ass farmer.
by d00dsk8 February 21, 2009
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