1) The dark meat parts of a chicken including the thighs and drumsticks.

2) Any less desirable or lower quality chicken meat.
I used to like Woo's kung pao but now they're making it with ass chicken.
by Raw Screen July 12, 2006
Top Definition
Chicken that has, subsequently, been on, near, or around someone's ass. Generally having to do with chicken of the frozen variety.
DUDE! You're going to nuke your ass chicken. (or) I don't want to eat your rancid ass chicken.
by norwegiansrcool January 27, 2009
see dork.

a person who is silly or dumb at times.

also: switch the damn words around.
OMG, OMG...you ass chicken!!
by BenDover May 18, 2004
guy who takes another guys seat at a party
you are such a asschicken.
by bonstar August 28, 2011
It is chicken that is farted on.
Get the hell away from my ass chicken!
by awsomx August 02, 2010
When a naked drunken person sits on a platter of chicken and it rides up their ass crack.

see also: dirty tyler
Laura: I'm hungry
Tyler: Want some chicken?
Laura: No, Tyler I don't want your ass chicken!
by Moneylove December 11, 2007
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