To explode, like a bomb. Usually involves fragmentation.
Bob's head a'sploded like a watermelon with a bomb in it.
by travismick October 16, 2007
A mixture of explode and implode. Something that asplodes does both at the same time.
If you do not eat choco-tacos your head will asplode!!!
by wolfeboro staff August 27, 2008
Like an explosion, but usually more random, and occurs in strange situations.
Shit man, did you just see that rabbit asplode? It was all like, Kursplosion!
by Sly O.D. May 08, 2006
It has been predicted that in the year 2000, all computers that have not been run over by the (bound to happen) Monster Tuck Relay, will asplode. Although this time is far off and may be a waist of time thinking of, for it is the business of our children, as the amount of personal computers calculates, so does athe amount of things that will be asploding. An asplosion is like an explosion but very pixelated. Science warns of this era and we enter the 80's with caution.
Homestar: I'm not gonna lie to you, he flew away.
Strongmad: I have a funny hat!!!
Bubs: He jumped some of my busses!
by Dr Quentin Q. Quinn April 22, 2005
when your ass explodes
I was takin a shit last night and i had an asplode.
by bob joe jim and kimmy July 15, 2005

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