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5 definitions by Teatard

To be extremely tired and exhausted.
Rhyming slang for knackered.
Guy 1: Wanna go out later?
Guy 2: No thanks, I'm Cream Crackered.
by Teatard January 28, 2009
164 49
To explode in a particulary amusing and inopportune way.
Bob: Jeffery, I need you to fill in the reports on the- *Asplode*
by Teatard January 28, 2009
39 23
A SFW and undeniably humourous was of saying Fuck This Shit.
Boss: Get on with your work!

Alan: Fornicate this excrement.
by Teatard January 28, 2009
9 1
To appear or enter a thread in an over dramatic and over the top manner.
Often followed by *Poof* to signify appearing in a puff of smoke.
Originated in the Red. Vs. Blue forums.
Poster 1 - I AM APPEAR!

Poster 2 - Holy shit, where'd you come from?!
by TeaTard September 06, 2008
7 6
Something that fails due to being unfunny.
Opposite of Awesomesauce
Guy: Man, Carrot Top is such a load of Crapchup.
by Teatard January 29, 2009
0 0